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Henry Fischer
34 years old
About Me

My name is Henry Fischer and I am a 32 year old affiliate marketer. I have a beautiful wife and two cute daughters. While I am no super affiliate yet, I have my hopes and expectations to make it to that status.To make money marketing online can be very difficult. I have learned it the hard way that most of the gurus are making money off us wanabe marketers and everythink they say can be found for free on the IM forums. As most of us I believed them in the beginning, I thought making money online was just a matter of purchasing their products, acting on their recommendations and starting getting a lot of money!

Guess what – it didn’t happen! Not even close. I have spend so much money on different marketing ebooks and courses I can not even believe it.

So I gave up on buying same information over and over again. But I knew it was possible to make living online couse I knew quit a few people doing it. My goal was to quit my day job and I realised that it was possible if I take action.

During my affiliate marketers carier I’ve tested everything, Pay Per Click, Pay Per View, Pay Per Read Emails yes even that, Article Marketing, Social Marketing, marketing on online auctions like eBay, CPA offers as well as Clickbank. It was a long journey but I am finaly making living from my activities.

On this little blog, I will take you by hand and show you the path that leads to financial independence.

Looking forward for you to fire you boss, as I did!

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About Me

71 years old
About Me

What can I say but, I write.

About Me

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