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Book One

Recognize any of these names from Chelsea long ago?

I have my mom's 1929 autograph book from Chelsea School (PS 33).  I have a pic of the female members of the graduating class, and I would be more than happy to send a copy of it to you if you see one of your family member's name in the group below. My mom marked the back of the school pic (and most every pic she had) behind everyones head with their names, so I may have a photo of your family member---if you don't have one of them.

Aside from the class picture, I also have sooo many old photographs, tint-types, too! If you recognize ANY of the names below, on any of the lists, ( I have a listing below for PS 11, too, 1934) let me know, I could have a pic of them as well...

PS 33 1929    


Principle- Louis Robinson                                                 


Miss Logan

Miss McNalti

Miss McClure

Miss Duffy

Miss O'Connor

Miss Toothill

Miss Mc' Donald

Miss Legniti

Miss Doran

Miss Mardorf

Miss Dolan

Mrs. Condon  (Mrs.?)

Miss Donlin

Miss Cooke

Miss boline

Miss Bidett


Class Officers

President-Beatrice Kelly

Vice President-Margaret Sloane

Secretary- Mildred Kuzmanovich

Treasurer- Zits Terroni  

Female Students-

Katherine Allen

Irene Blomier

Mary Demetrious

Lillian Canfield

Ella Schelberger

Margaret Sloane

Josephine Diaspara

Christine Dedies

Catherine Scaglitotti

Theresa Police

Alexandria Galanes

Mildred Kuzmanovich

Louise Saragoni

Zita Terroni

Mary Cousley

Adelina Gizzy

Eugienne Etienne

Lydia Cerrina

Lulu Willis

Dorothy Wilson

Ondini Torrelli

Virginia Stelias

Lydia Ruella

Catherine Lecakes

Helen Franklin

Lillian Steinberg

Beatrice Kelly

Angelina Landolfo

Eva Efthimiades

Mabel Moir

Jennie Capsicus

Cora Martinelli

Grace Collins

Alice Johnson

Olympia Domonidano

Anna Peregine

Matilda Ferrara

Helen Knopp

Sophie Statis

Elizabeth Fedor

Male student?

Joseph Alphonse ( I could only verify his name from the book; he signed it fellow graduate)

Friends and neighbors who signed the book...

Helen McManus

Kate Variara

Edward Cole

Chick Morrissey

Margaret Hayde

Mrs. Cahill

John (Lefty) Phillips

Mrs. Soluso

William A. Moir

Walter Russell

Frank Bauccio

Muriel Bauccio

Grace Minuto

Joey McManus

Lina Faliciani

Alise Moss

Alfred Turner

Charles Papzian (He's mentioned in Sadie )

Thomas Russo

Kathleen Lord

G. Dorn

Catherine Wright

Elsie Schmidt

Margaret Hickey (She's in Sadie, too. )

Nellie Cantwell

Michael Lopez

Dom Cleri

Dolores Lopez

Antonio Borro

Mary T. Cleicussio 

I hope you found someone on that list. Email me if you did! That would be soooooo cooooool! Keep scrolling, there's another list coming up... 



PS 11/ Chelsea 1934...

Okay, I have my uncle's autograph book from 1934.


Miss Booker

Miss Finen

Miss Bryzon

Miss Sarge

Miss Kenney

Mr. Jackson

Friends and neighbors who signed this book...

Frank Macfarlande

Catherine Wright

Gertrude Rodin

Athur J. Gallagher

Johnny Daly

Antonio Garcia

Manuel Garcia

Mary Garcia

Mary Cody

George Hayde

Helen Normile

Ella Sampson

Euline Grell

John Sfugapas

Ellen Herbert

PE Kraus

Mary S. Patchue

Margret Morich

G.J. Harris

John T. Meehan

Carmine Bochicchio

Francis Johnson

John P. Boylan

Ninth Avenue El. Holy Apostle in background 1939...

Anyone wanting information about the 34th Street Boys S. & A.C., drop me an email...




1941 Outing of the 9th Ave. Nut

1941 Annual outing of the 9th Ave. Gentlemen's Club...uh, huh! lol


1944 Chelsea Royals


1945 Party at the London Terrace