g l parker

Book One

A Manhattan Melodrama...


 I hope this book will find it's own little niche' in the history of Manhattan's Irish/Italian/Whomever immigrants, and those whose ancestors; or themselves, came through Ellis Island or past The Statue of Liberty onto the docks of a much more beautiful skyline of Manhattan Isle-- and with your help it can happen.

They say, "One picture is worth a thousand words." This picture inspired 60,000 for me. Look into the eyes of these children. SADIE is their story, and a tale of the building of Manhattan. Discover what it was like in their day to be raised in the belly of the beast called poverty. For these children, and all the children who came before them, Hell's Kitchen, Chelsea, and the Tenderloin districts were their playground.

Join Anna, my mom who is sitting on the step holding her little brother Ralph's hand, and their sister, Regina, standing behind them in the doorway and looking so soulfully at us with those big expressive eyes.
As for the man, well, who knows who he is. Maybe he's just a man who came in and out of their lives-- as other men had done before.





Sit there and be counted...