g l parker

Book One

The molls, uh, dolls of The Chelsea Boys, and their siblings...

The girl in the upper corners, and left center, is my mom Anna. She and her kid sister Regina, ya' know the one with the big eyes who appears on the cover of SADIE with her, is the girl in the cloche hat. To the center right, is their kid brother Ralph, who is also on the cover with them. The little girl, center at bottom, is their kid sister Mildred. She was a son of a gun! The young lady to the left of Mildred is Anna's friend Margaret Hickey.

Lower right are Anna's other best friends. The car load of kids, is just about the whole Thirty First Street gang, with Anna and Regina in the midst of them. The little girl wearing the bonnet in the car, well, that's GG's kid sister Helen. She had to go along to chaperon.

Mom's friends: Florence Fedor, Helen Knopp, Helen Franklin, Margaret Sloane, Mary Demetrios, Catherine Buccini, Mable Moci, Anna Peregine, Adeline Gizzy, Theresa Polise, Lynda Cerrina, Beatrice Kelly, Helen Wagner, Katie Variara, Helen Stephanic, Lena Trubia, Helen Gallagher, and foremost her best friend, Margaret Hickey.