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Reviews from readers who don't even know me!

I am so grateful for readers taking the time to give me reviews. If I don't know what readers think, how am I to tell if what I write has any value? I, as I'm sure most writers, like to think we touch people with our words, and when our desire to do so is fulfilled, well, it's very gratifying to say the least. Thank you. Thank all of you who have read Sadie and contacted me...

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November 29, 2014
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January 18, 2013
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March 29, 2015
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I have just finished reading Sadie and enjoyed it very much.  I must say I did almost cry several times and could not believe the strength and sheer
determination of your grandmother and her siblings.  Being of Irish decent myself, I could relate to some of my own families distant relatives in Boston
My reason for purchasing your book was the birth of my granddaughter two years ago.  Her mother named her Sadie Irene.  That's when we, her grandfather and I
checked online for books by her name.  So my question is when can I expect the continuation of your story?
Judy K
Dear Ms Parker,
First of all let me introduce myself   I am 47, a RN who lives with her husband
and Bloodhound in a small Upstate NY town. 
I enjoy reading about different cultures and their ways of life.
I found "Sadie" on since I frequent that site it actually finds
books for me which grab my interest.
I truly enjoyed your book. First of all it read very well, kept my interest
and taught me a few historical facts. I thought it was fascinating the way
the way "the family" stuck together.  It must have taken you years of
research to compile such a family history and I truly loved the way
you snuck in the history of New York City and the current affairs. 
I feel that the adding of the historical facts gave the book a strong
 sense of "real".  Sadie and her clan were survivors and you did a
wonderful job allowing me to meet them. 
I read "Angela's ashes" several years ago and I must honestly
say "Sadie" truly is a more enjoyable book to read. 
                                      Tina xxxxx
ps also thanks for signing "Sadie" 


Well, I just returned from the Bahamas today and while there, I read

your book Sadie.  I must say, I enjoyed it very much.  I can nearly picture

you sitting at your kitchen table with Anna and Regina and listening to

all the stories from the years gone by.  It was particularly interesting the

 way you tied in current events of the day...Titanic, Lindbergh, WWI etc.

Noticed just a few typos (misspellings, some punctuation), but your

editors will catch all that!  (They didn't!)

Hats off to you, I hope your book does well!  Maybe you could put

 an ad in the Irish Echo or the Irish Voice.  I'll bet you might get some interest.


I started your book at 11pm planning to just read a few chapters. 

It is now 1:30 and I finished it. It was wonderful.  For some reason

I thought it would be set in Brooklyn... needless to say I was wrong.

Not only did you spin a marvelous story of your family history but

you combined current events taking place in Manhattan and in the World.

You have a true gift. It was a pleasure reading your family story. You

are a talented author who has the ability to make your characters come

alive. The Manhattan you described was a new place for me. I've never

considered that before. Some of my husband's
ancestors came from Manhattan and I always assumed they were

the "rich" family members. I obviously need to do a bit of research

 on where they lived. Thank you for educating me.  BUT.. where is

 the continuation?  I long to read the rest.

Thank you for your wonderful family story.

With appreciation and admiration,