g l parker

Book One


SADIE was a strikingly beautiful young woman whose sheer Irish beauty earned her the title of Belle of the West Side of Manhattan.

As a young girl, growing up on the mean streets of the city, she possessed a poise just as polished and genteel as those of the fine young ladies attending the Gibson Girl School on Fifth Avenue.

With that said though, let it not be misunderstood that SADIE, for her children, and sadly more for others than herself, was a ball of fire when she had to be. She had an inner strength and conviction that guided her through whatever life threw  at her and hers, and she met all the challenges presented before her head-on and in her own way. Which was with courage, a quiet grace or a sailor's tongue, a good sense of humor, and always, always a prayer.

SADIE's story is a story of the building of Manhattan and her and her ancestors connection to it. Their story is not unlike the hundreds of thousands of other stories told by those who left their native land to seek a new beginning and a better life for their children in America. Won't you join me and them as we make this journey into the past?

Our story begins in 1848, at the beginning of the Irish Potato Famine, long before there was a lady in the harbor to greet any of our ancestors. SADIE will lead us through the history of Manhattan as it grows into the greatest city in the world. Come along for the ride with me, SADIE and her children, and meet the men who; with the loud continuous rat-a-tat-tat of their machine guns, gave meaning to the term Roaring Twenties.

So, from the potato fields of Ireland, to the Great Depression, I assure you, you will find your roots deeply ingrained in the tale I tell.

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